HOA TOUR is an artist-led, arts organization based in São Paulo, Brasil, founded in 2020 by Igi Lola Ayedun dedicated to latin-american contemporary art.  Hosted everywhere (as long you have internet connexion), this place combines many emerging artist´s narratives with communication, exhibition, education, papo reto, studio practices and sales experience. 
Yes,  here you can SEE, BUY, LEARN, TEACH, REACH and SWITCH that idea that latin-american art has this bourgeois colonized complex of being always late into euro/north-american aesthetics or those exotified bagunça archetypes of latin modernism or brasilian tropicalia full of rebels, without a genuine cause.  Do not bossa nova us. We believe revolution comes only from the ground. 
A Long wet kiss: a new generation of artified people is flourishinng today. 
¡ Qué onda!

Igi  Lola Ayedun

Founder/CEO, Visual arts Curatorship & Sales Manager

Lucas Andrade

Dramatic arts Curatorship & Program Manager

Felipa Damasco

Performing arts Curatorship & Program Manager

Luiz Felipe Lucas

Literature Curatorship & International Program Manager

Lucas Fernandes

Junior Program & Sales Manager

and, of course, we are all artists too.