HOA TOUR  is an artist-led, arts organization based in São Paulo, Brasil, founded in 2020 by Igi Lola Ayedun dedicated to latin-american contemporary art.  Hosted everywhere (as long you have internet connexion), this place combines many emerging artist´s narratives with communication, exhibition, education, papo reto, studio practices and sales experience. 
Yes,  here you can SEE, BUY, LEARN, TEACH, REACH and SWITCH that idea that latin-american art has this bourgeois colonized complex of being always late into euro/north-american aesthetics or those exotified bagunça archetypes of latin modernism or brasilian tropicalia full of rebels, without a genuine cause.  Do not bossa nova us. We believe revolution comes only from the ground. 
A Long wet kiss: a new generation of artified people is flourishinng today. 
¡ Qué onda!


HOA GALERIA is the 1ST black-owned gallery from Brazil's history of art , based in São Paulo - Brasil. Dedicated to a decolonial perspective of latinx contemporary art focused on artists of color and indigenous + african/asian diaspora narratives, HOA represents 14 emerging artists and accumulates a network of more than 40 artists from all over the country that are building a new vision about POC culture in the local scenario. From painting to 3D, inside its curatorial core HOA presents a large diversity of mediums in order to construct an intermedia relationship with the brazilian racial roots spectrum through abstract and figurative works which explores strong handmade artisanal techniques besides to futurist/ fiction concepts. The subjects that are present in HOA's DNA travels across identity through a right of subjectivity, the political and queer thought, a meta-community documentary and the african/indigenous/asian heritage preservation + projection.


HOA RESIDENCY is an artistic residency space dedicated  to the development of a decolonial perspective of contemporary art, based in São Paulo - Brasil.
HOA RESIDENCY is a self-funded art space that includes studios, accommodation and common spaces for the production and development of practical art research and activities.
HOA RESIDENCY has also an online extension through HOA FREE ART SCHOOL project and  many curatorial programmes.

Igi  Lola Ayedun

Founder/CEO - Sales Director


Lucas Fernandes

Executive Director

Lucas Andrade

Artistic Director


Asole Adelakin

Sales Manager


Tarcísio Almeida

Artistic Development Curator


Felipa Damasco

Contributing Curator


General inquiries


and, of course, we are all artists too. o/

Julio Cesar

Executive producer